What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Website Conversion or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) turns website traffic into sales and creates happier customers.

Ask yourself, what or who is your website for? What does your customer do on your site once they arrive? Is their experience frustrating? Can your customer complete the primary purpose for visiting your site in the fastest and most efficient way possible?

  • How easy is your site to navigate?
  • What are the top five user tasks?
  • What is the customer’s primary goal when visiting your site?
  • How mush friction is there between your customers and their primary goal?
  • Is your site visually appealing?
  • Does it flow naturally?
  • Is there a clear path to conversion?
  • Does your site have a clear message?
  • Are there clear calls to action?
  • What are your top performing pages or products?

Before you spend a cent driving traffic to your site, your website should.

  • Have one clear message.
  • Make your customer’s primary goal easy to accomplish.
  • Have clear calls to action for your customers to follow.
  • Be visually appealing.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Have Snackable content with the option to go deeper.

Conversion rate optimisation creates the least amount of friction between you and your customers online. It turns traffic into actual customers and creates brand advocates because the online experience is just so dam good and dare I say enjoyable.

Benefits for you:

  • Happier customers.
  • Word of mouth marketing (WOMM).
  • Creates brand advocates.
  • Clear objective for your site.
  • More sales.

Benefits for customers:

  • Less time spent completing online tasks.
  • Enjoyable online experience.
  • Easily able to find exactly what they want.

The trick is to focus on what your customer wants and marry that to the business needs. If you took a fraction of your online spend and shifted the focus to converting more customers on the actual site itself the result will be happier customer and more actual sales.

A conversion rate of 2 percent means for every 400 visits you receive you would get 8 conversions/sales. If you increase the conversion rate by just 0.5% you would receive an extra two customers.

The general consensus is more online traffic = more sales and yes this is true because you are pushing more people into the sales funnel but if you stop the conversion leak you will in turn create even more sales.

The happier customer is harder to quantify but you should see a steady increase in new users as word of mouth kicks in.

If you would like some help in stopping your conversion leak or you just want happier customers, Get In Touch

We make sure your website is converting current traffic into sales at the highest possible rate with Conversion Rate Optimisation. Once that is done we drive boat loads of relevant traffic using market leading Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation techniques. We then use Google Analytics to tie everything together and make performance enhancing changes.

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