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Get the best Digital Marketing Packages In Pune

Zinai Digital is your digital marketing company in the city of Pune. We offer an ultimate package that can’t be missed!

The team at Zinai Digital are experts when it comes to digital marketing and can help you take your business website off the ground with their innovative solutions.

You’ll be able to take advantage of our tailored digital marketing solutions and see your ROI flourish with each month we work together. We are committed to building brands that last, so contact us today!

About Zinai Digital

Join the ranks of companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft by partnering with Zinai Digital for your next digital transformation. As a leading agency in Pune, we specialize not only in online marketing but also in data analytics to ensure that you get all aspects covered from start-to-finish
Zinai Digital matches both small businesses’ needs – whether they are newly born or have been around long enough. In any case our team will help them grow their customer base.

We take an analytical approach for understanding the intricacies of what you want from us, how best we can attain these goals using cutting edge strategies only we know about.

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    Get Free Reports & Analysis

    Our Initial Reports

    We know that this is a big change and we want to make sure you get started right. So before our first meeting, we send 3 important reports which has almost everything for free!

    Website Audit

    Take a look at this free audit report to see what technical issues you may be facing. You’ll receive an expert’s insight on how these problems can quickly get fixed, along with instructions for quick repairs in case they don’t work!

    Competitor Analysis

    We use advanced data analysis to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting and how they rank in search engines. This way, we can understand their success while also helping you with any weaknesses or gaps that may exist for yourself!

    Keyword Analysis

    We can help you identify the best lead generating keywords that will give your website an excellent return on investment. These are designed for a high ROI, so they’re going give your business all of what it needs!

    Our Expert Services 

    At the end of every project, we like to make sure you have a clear understanding on how our services can help your business grow. This way there is no confusion or misconception about what was offered and it ensures future customers know exactly who they are getting when hiring us for their own projects.
    We offer bespoke digital marketing packages and pricing tailored specifically around your needs so that in return for an investment from yourself – all other aspects will take care of themselves!

    Search Engine Optimisation

    We has helped numerous clients improve their organic traffic and presence on the leading platforms for internet marketing, which means they’ll be able to rank higher when people do searches about them online!

    Content Creation and Management

    Interested in engaging your potential customers? We can help. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we will create content that not only catches their eye but also makes them want to buy from you!


    We help companies advertise on platforms that enable you to target prospective customers with precision, measure their effectiveness, and save time by making small adjustments as needed.

    Why choose our Digital Marketing Packages in Pune?

    Although the digital world is ever-changing, one thing that never varies is small business needs. Our team of seasoned professionals understands how important it can be for your company to establish a presence online and work towards generating traffic through website visitors or subscribers, we have packages designed just for you!
    Our service offerings range from Top of funnel execution all the way up to higher-level strategies like social media campaigns with carefully chosen keywords that will help target potential customers who may otherwise go unnoticed by other marketers due to their lack of exposure on these platforms.

    Starter: Our marketing starter kit is designed with your needs in mind, so that new customers can find and reach out to generate leads on all channels without wasting time or resources trying things like email copywriting – which sometimes feels more daunting than technical writing! You’ll have access not just to social media posts but also website design tutorials if this sounds up your alley (it does ours!), plus there are bonus assets included too including pre-built websites – perfect as a starting point before customizing them further according to tp suit individual business models.

    Basic: We know how important it is to get your business off the ground and we want you to succeed. That’s why our team created a basic package with tools for small businesses like yours! You’ll have everything from online marketing strategies, content creation services & more at an affordable price point – all designed specifically around what will work best in local markets worldwide

    Standard: The standard digital Marketing Package contains everything you need to create a successful online strategy. The package includes website design and development services tailored for your business needs. this helps us understand what type of company or organization our client really is so we can tailor the site accordingly! You’ll have access 24/7 without having any ongoing costs associated with it such as monthly fees (therefore saving money). Gain access today and discover how we can turn competitors’ websites into new leads, customers, or even 82% more sales!

    Advanced: We know how much you love your business and that its a success is the Driving Force behind everything in life. That’s why we provide an Advanced Digital Marketing Package with a comprehensive strategy to develop, implement & manage all aspects of online marketing for maximum impact on growth potential! We’ll work closely together from start to end so there are no hidden costs or surprises down the line; giving us complete control over what gets invested into digital advertising platforms such as Google Adwords PPC campaigns Facebook Ads retargeting lists via Email list building tools Social media management content creation website design templates

    Enterprise: When you’re looking for a total marketing makeover, the only thing more powerful than an outsourced team is your own skills. The Enterprise Digital Marketing Package will give any business all they need to take their brand from good enough to great! Get professional copywriting services in addition to search engine optimization and social media management so customers can find what’s right for them at every turn – while still staying within budget constraints

    Get To Know Our Digital Marketing Packages!

    From tailored marketing packages and free consultations to expert advice on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter – we have it all! We know what makes an effective campaign because at Bespoke Marketing Services our goal is always success through knowledge-based strategies combined with creativity when necessary; every package will be designed especially around your business requirements in order to reach them fully while also making sure things run smoothly throughout any process involved (online/offline).

    Check out our digital marketing packages and pricing starting from just Rs.25000.

    Plan Name All In One Plan Basic Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan
    Minimum Price ₹25,000 ₹20,000 ₹50,000 ₹95,000
    Maximum Price ₹35,000 ₹23,000 ₹55,000 ₹1,30,000
    No. Of Keywords Unlimited 15 50 100
    Recommended For All Business Local Business Pan India Ecommerce
    Initial SEO Plan 3 Months No 3 Months 6 Months
    Ranking Updates Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
    Social Media
    Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Business Manager Setup Yes No Yes Yes
    No. Of Accounts 3 5 6 6
    No. Of Posters 4 6 12 22
    No. Of Campaign 1 No 3 5
    Pixel Code Setup Yes No Yes Yes
    Re-marketing No No Yes Yes
    Google Ads
    Account Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
    No. Of Campaigns 1 2 3 6
    No. Of Keywords 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
    Text Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Display Ads No No Yes Yes
    Re-marketing No No No Yes

    Get To Know Our Digital Marketing Packages!

    We are leading providers in Pune who will help you shape it with our revolutionary strategies! We know that every company has different needs when it comes to their online presence but all too often businesses fall short on what they really want, which is why we offer completely free consultations so there’s no risk involved whatsoever. Just contact us today for more information or give us a call.

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    Metro Pillar 108, Kochi,
    XVII/356/A, Kerala 683106, IN

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