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Who We Are



Gilead was founded in 2016 as one office in Chennai, South India. Today, we operate as creative network offices in 2 locations across India, serving clients all over the globe (from Canada, US, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia Pacific). In the course of this progress, the digital marketing ecosystem has become effectively unrecognizable from what it once was. Gilead Digital has been there every step of the way, marshalling the region’s most successful digital marketing organizations through uncertainty and helping the client adapt and stay relevant for the long term.

We have a very good success history because, despite the massive drift that has occurred over the years, we have always operated in the way our founder and CEO Mr. Tinil Joseph envisioned. He created a corporate culture from his Infosys (MNC) experience that deeply respected and cared about its employees and its potential clients. We honour and keep his legacy by operating with that same commitment.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Gilead Group, our people are at the heart of what we do: a creative digital marketing organization delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions that spark game-changing ideas across business operations, culture, and business through team collaboration, honesty, integrity, and a celebration of self-expression as usual.

We believe in building powerful engineering teams with great purpose. This means finding the best talents, hiring them, and nurturing them across all races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations. Keeping gender identities is our top priority. We harshly curate transformative action that makes our pledge to candour and equity a reality.

Our supreme mission is to create a positive impact on the world, creating a better future for all our clients, while supporting and uplifting the global business communities we serve.

Grow With Us

Our mission is to inspire people, society, and brands to make an impact. We believe the best way to do that is by nurturing a neighbourhood of inclusion and inspiration made up of people from diverse backgrounds, where all contributions are conceded and valued, and where every family member of our team has the chance to become their best creative composition and professional self too.

Because our greatest asset is, has always been, and always will be our people, Gilead Digital strives to be a people-first company and customer-first. We are strongly focused on providing the best in the market trends topics for learning and development as well as contributing to career growth opportunities for all. We are deeply invested in the learning and development sector and committed to developing our talent and fostering an environment of continuous growth.

3 Unique differentiators

1. Holistic, Multi-Channel Marketing

We offer our all-potential clients a comprehensive and versatile marketing strategy with full-stack marketing technology tools (MarTech) support that covers all aspects of your business.

2. Transparency

We’re committed to transparency, providing clear and detailed reporting on our clients’ marketing efforts.

3. High-Level Experience

We have a proven track record of success, with over 150 satisfied clients.


Our Core Values

We unite our individual strengths, contributions, and expertise to achieve a collective goal.

We work to move the baton for our clients, and help them achieve their goals in business relay race

Integrity is the key and real cornerstone of our firm success. We’re honest and transparent, and we do what we say we’re going to do

We always strive for continuous improvement that leads to business growth, evolution, and brand success.

We will proactively seek new ways to improve and chase greater goals.

We believe that attaining new skills improves the decision-making process, helps deliver better insights for our clients, and prepares us for the unexpected.

We’re motivated by the support of our awesome team and believe that small wins add up to major accomplishments.

Our strengths

The perfect level of flexibility

Entrepreneurial mind

Quick decision-making processes

Holistic approach

Solutions customized to your needs

Typically, Indian

We are an experienced Digital Marketer


Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is transparency that’s unmatched in the digital marketing industry. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE’RE GOING.

Our company is helping all types of organizations. However, we consider more small and mid-sized service-based companies to strengthen their organic searches and online visibility and grow in their local market(s).

Our team of subject matter experts has years of experience working with a highly diverse team of hardworking businesses like yours, and we understand the unique challenges you face in the current industry. We’ll work closely with our clients to develop a customized and futuristic strategy that is tailored to client-specific goals and requirements. We believe every business is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We are always working for your future.


Our Vision

We work hard to attain to build better futures for every client across the region, so they have an equal opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

To consistently prioritize technology innovations and apply advanced tool sets and resources that provide high-quality opportunities and help clients drive sustainable business growth in their domain.


Essential Digital Services For Every Organization Needs

Search Optimization

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Paid Search Marketing

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Social Media Management

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Website Development

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Social Media Advertising

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Graphics Design

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Google Map Optimization

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White Label SEO

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