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Unlock the Benefits of Yearly Packages

Zinai Digital provides comprehensive and reliable SEO services to our clients in India with our yearly packages. Our packages start from INR 16000 and offer unlimited keyword targets, end-to-end SEO service, and a dedicated executive to work on your website. We guarantee 100% client retention and satisfaction through our innovative solutions and strategies. With our yearly packages, you can get the most out of your digital marketing efforts and maximize ROI.

Comprehensive & End to End SEO Solutions

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Increase Your Website Visibility and Reach Your Target Audience with Zinai Digital’s Comprehensive and Innovative SEO Solutions. Start Optimizing Your Website Now!

Cost Savings of Yearly Packages

Subscribing to a yearly package offers numerous cost savings for customers. Firstly, the customer will receive a discounted rate compared to the regular price of each item purchased individually. Secondly, receiving items in bulk quantities can reduce shipping costs and help prevent shortages throughout the year while increasing efficiency. Finally, most vendors offer discounts for loyalty and returning customers which can contribute to even greater overall savings.

In terms of monetary value, here are three ways that customers benefit from purchasing yearly packages:

  • Receive up to 20% off the regular price of individual items
  • Retain the same pricing throughout the year
  • Enjoy additional discounts for opting social media package.


Yearly packages provide businesses with a cost-effective solution for digital marketing. This is achieved through an agreement between the business and the service provider, which includes provisions for services such as SEO optimization, website design and development, content creation, social media management and analytics. By signing up for a yearly package, businesses can benefit from the support of expert professionals in all aspects of online marketing. Furthermore, by committing to a longer period of time with the same service provider, they are likely to build strong relationships that may result in more efficient services and better results over time.

Moreover, yearly packages offer businesses peace of mind when it comes to budgeting their digital marketing efforts. They enable them to know exactly what they will be paying each month or year for their digital marketing needs without any surprises or hidden costs along the way. This is especially beneficial for small businesses that have limited budgets but still want access to quality digital services at an affordable price point. Additionally, many providers offer discounts on annual packages compared to their monthly plans which makes them even more attractive financially.

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Google Map Optimization

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White Label SEO

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Book a free consultation with us to gain insights into your competitor's traffic sources and the strategies behind their success.

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International SEO and Global Reach

International SEO is a set of practices that involve optimizing websites for higher visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) across international markets. Through effective implementation of these strategies, businesses can increase their global reach and expand into new markets.

Key components of an effective international SEO strategy include creating localized content, monitoring regional SERP performance, and managing multilingual link building campaigns. Localized content not only helps to attract potential customers from abroad, but also improves the user experience by providing individuals with information in their native language. Monitoring regional SERP performance allows businesses to identify potential keywords that could be used to increase organic traffic from target countries. Finally, multilingual link building campaigns help to build trust among foreign audiences and ensure websites are visible on local SERPs.

  • Establish a presence in foreign markets
  • Attract potential customers from abroad
  • Monitor regional SERP performance

The best SEO service providers like us will also keep up with trends emerging within the industry so that we can adjust our strategies accordingly if needed over time. One such example is Web Stories with Google recently introduced. We have implemented them for existing clients where we have seen drastic results like below.

our seo work results google discover
Results from Google Webstories

Unlock Your Global Potential with Zinai Digital’s International SEO Services

Zinai Digital offers SEO services and solutions to businesses in India. With an innovative approach, this company provides a comprehensive selection of yearly packages tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. Their experienced team of professionals is capable of utilizing the latest technologies for optimization, ensuring that customers receive results that exceed their expectations. Clients can benefit from improved website visibility and increased traffic with these packages. Additionally, they are well-equipped to provide detailed reports on website performance metrics and analytics so that customers can make informed decisions about their digital marketing strategies. By hiring Zinai Digital, businesses in India can get access to cutting-edge SEO services at competitive prices without compromising on quality or customer service standards.

our seo results for a client in kochi
Keyword Ranking Improvement of our client Ascent Hospital

Save up to 20% on Your Annual SEO Plan

At Zinai Digital, we are offering a unique sales proposition that allows businesses to save up to 20% of their annual SEO plans. This offer is available in India and includes:

  • A minimum 6% discount
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • An affordable plan as low as 7500 per month

Businesses can benefit from this offer by reducing their marketing costs and investing in an effective SEO strategy for the entire year. Our comprehensive yearly package offers businesses the opportunity to maximize returns and achieve optimal online visibility at a fraction of the cost. By investing in our yearly plan, businesses can ensure that they remain competitive while also maximizing ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zinai Digital offers a range of yearly packages to suit various budgets and needs. Each package offers end-to-end SEO services, targeting unlimited keywords, and a dedicated executive to work on the website.

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