Digital Marketing & SEO Company In Jaipur

Digital Marketing & SEO Company In Jaipur

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of any website or business online. Without traffic your site will just sit on the WWW and essentially do nothing for your business. Traffic creates customers and you must rank on Google in order to create traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation allows Google read your site and determine what your site is about and where it should be placed on Google and for what search terms.

Traffic from Google is often referred to as natural or organic traffic. Most people won’t Google your business name directly unless you are a well known brand and even then SEO has its place, they will often search for generic search terms related to your product or service for me people Google.

Google owns a massive 99% of search traffic in Ireland, so when people search for your product or service on Google if you don’t rank or appear in the search results the business will just go to one of your competitors.

Search Volume

It is also worth noting that different search terms can have different search volumes and these can even fluctuate at different times of the year.

Some search terms can have hundreds or even thousands of searches every month on Google. What could that traffic do for your business?

It is critically important to know what search terms have the highest volumes in your sector and which ones you have the potential to rank for, you should then optimise your site for those terms.

Often businesses will copy competitors but who says what they are optimised for is correct, you need independent research also.

What Works

The methods we use have never failed once to increase rankings for the targeted search term. SEO basics have always worked, finding out the search terms you want to rank for and then optimising for that.

When it comes to back links there is always going to be a low level of relevant links you are going to be able to get, so it then comes down to producing content that will resonate with your target audience and be of a high enough quality that they would want to link to or reference.

Last year 2014 we optimised Ryanair’s entire site for search in 13 different languages which resulted in them ranking in the top 3 positions for major search terms right across Europe like “cheap flights” and “Flights to” search terms.  “Cheap flights” has just under 400 thousand search terms per annum in Ireland alone. My own site currently ranks number 1 for “Digital Marketing Agency Jaipur”.


It is not enough to simply rank on the first page of Google because the top three listings get a disproportionate amount of clicks. No1 gets about 40% no2 gets 20% and no3 around 10% this continues to drop down to 10th place which receives virtually no traffic. In the SEO world people say “if you want to hide a dead body put it on page two of Google – It will never be found.”

When you factor in Search Volume x Click Thru Rate x Conversion Rate that is when you see the real metrics.

For example if you rank no 1 for a keyword with 400 searches per month with a 40% click thru rate you will get = 160 visits and a 2% conversion rate will result in 3.2 sales or customers. Rank no 2 you will get half that 1.6 sales. Rank no 3 you will get half that again 0.8 sales

So you see page 1 is not enough you need top 3 at least.

If you would like us to optimise your site for major search terms in your industry simply get in touch.

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