Announcement: Enhancements to Company Operations

Announcement: Enhancements to Company Operations

Welcome, team members!

We are excited to announce certain enhancements to our company operations, designed to streamline processes, foster professional growth, and enhance communication. These updates, effective immediately, aim to optimise our productivity and ensure a positive working environment for all employees.

  • Effective immediately, Sanaja will assume the role of team lead. Initially, she will oversee a team of two members. Sanaja’s responsibilities will primarily include coordinating with clients, delivering presentations, scheduling meetings, and other related tasks.

  • House activities will take place weekly from 5:30 to 6:15, except for the last week of each month. If activities extend beyond 6:15, they will be continued in the following week. These sessions are essential for fostering employees’ soft skills development.

  • Starting in April, all meetings will be conducted via video calls. Please ensure a professional appearance for these meetings.

  • We will liaise with clients to schedule bi-weekly meetings, with exceptions made for elite clients.

  • A yearly get-together will be planned for team bonding.

  • During the last week of every month, a 45-minute boot camp will replace the usual house activity, running from 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm. Until further notice, all Saturdays will be observed as holidays.

  • Employees are required to complete the PMP form (Self-Appraisal). At the end of each year, performance evaluations based on these forms will determine eligibility for salary increments. Salary adjustments are contingent upon company profits.

  • Tasks should not be assigned directly by Ram, Tinil, Saul, and Vivek without prior approval from the team lead. Once discussed, tasks can be assigned via Plane.

  • Employees are not to be allocated work outside their respective department’s scope.

  • Internal meetings, team gatherings, and announcements must not exceed 20 minutes in duration.

  • All announcements will be made exclusively on Mondays from 9:15 am to 9:35 am.

  • Lunch breaks are to be taken between 1:15 pm and 2:00 pm.

  • An anonymous opinion and feedback form will be permanently available on the company website for employees to submit their thoughts, opinions, and concerns.

These updates signify our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in all aspects of our operations. By implementing these changes, we aim to enhance collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

We appreciate your cooperation and dedication as we embark on this journey towards greater success together. Let’s embrace these enhancements and strive for excellence in everything we do!